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Pure and Evergreen Kanchi Cotton Sarees

Thamboori presents an evergreen collection of Kanchi cotton sarees that weave a web of serenity, sophistication and luxury. 
Thamboori has fashioned Kanchi sarees with a precision which reduces to a minimum the usage of dyes. The dyeing process adheres to the draping techniques and handloom weaving patterns of this region. "Sangati" a unique Kanchipuram feature, is used to create patterns in layers. (The Sangati technique involved in preparing intricate designs, forms small dots or spots on the ground and these spots are woven at intervals by adding wefts between them intensely)
Every Saree in our collection is unique with variations in color and pattern making it a masterpiece like no other. Thamboori offers some of the finest organic cotton sarees available anywhere in the world
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