Thamboori Silks Ships worldwide at ₹1800/- a single saree and domestic shipping at ₹100/- per shipment! Order your sarees online from


Thamboori started in 2011 by Uthra Arvind, a carnatic musician turned entrepreneur with passion in colours and Kanchipuram Silk Sarees- the Queen of Silks with a motive to revive handlooms in South India.

Each of our saree is hand curated keeping in mind the rich, bold and traditional colour combinations those are hard to find and that is been liked by this generation as well. 


We also started this as one of the first online ventures in 2011 when online selling especially sarees had just started and we have been continuously improving ourselves to give the best customer service , collections for our customers worldwide.


We are very grateful to all our supporters, customers and our inner circle of friends and family who gives us continuous feedback to make us serve better everyday!


Thank You,

Uthra Arvind