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Did You Know This About The Kanchi Cotton Saree?

Sari, or Saree as most call it, is a famous Indian attire donned by Indian women and otherwise. It originated in India during the Indus Valley civilisation when this form of draping a garment came into existence. Over the years, the saree witnessed a transformation of its own, eventually extending its branches by bringing forth varied types. 

But what is it about Sarees that makes it a favourite of the ladies? Even as each woman may present her case of why she prefers the Saree over other garment pieces, a common reason stands out is how it makes them feel. Most women agree that sarees make them feel sensual besides adding the usual touch of elegance, resplendent and stylish, of course. 

Sarees' journey began with cotton fabric, eventually moving on to other fabrics like silk, georgette, chiffon, satin and lycra. However, cotton sarees still stand triumphant amongst the lot even today. Why? Cotton sarees of any kind are softer on the skin, allows women to breathe freely and even go easy on the pocket. 

Among all-cotton sarees, Kanchi Cotton Sarees are a fashion favourite of women of all ages. When you Google Kanchi Sarees, you will come across information that is primarily around silk. But, Kanchi Cotton sarees have their own charm. Kanchi Cotton Sarees are fluffier than its silk variant and have an oxidised shine along the saree border. 

Are you curious to find out more? It’s time to tick off your list of questions as we go about addressing them all in the article below. So let's go! 

Origin & History 

Historians believe that Kanchi cotton weavers were descendants of Sage Markanda, who specialised in weaving fabrics for the Gods. Lord Shiva's favourite, cotton, was used by his weavers to weave this fibre using lotuses. Legend has it that this fabric originated during the reign of the Lords while they were on earth. 

However, the Kancheevaram weavers are in this profession since the reign of the Chola King since the Chola dynasty. These expert weavers passed down this skill from one generation to the next, preserving this knowledge without letting it go scarce. Many others have witnessed this saree originate from the village Kanchipuram located in Chennai, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. 

Kanchi Cotton Sarees Or Kanchi Silk Sarees?

Best Kanchi cotton sarees made from a brilliantly handspun variety of cotton fill the gap for people who like the richness of silk woven Kanchi saree with a dash of comfort and elegance. Cotton brings in the element of comfort and the grace, elegance and simplicity of a Kanchi cotton sarees. Some of the best Kanchi cotton sarees have received global recognition with newer reputation levels for being one of India's finest sarees. 

You can identify premium Kanchi Cotton sarees from the shine of Zari, the breadth of the Zari border and the overall weaving technique used, famously known as the three shuttle weave. The saree is also quite thick and heavier compared to silk. 

Style And Design 

When you step out to shop for a Kanchi cotton saree, you may be met with designs that are either striped or checkered. Kanchi cotton sarees have a heavy influence on the temple design inspired by the temples of Kanchipuram city. The huge and specific designs being imprinted on the temples are drawn along the length of the saree. 

A general style of Kanchi cotton saree is similar to its silk counterpart with earthen colours, contrast borders, stripes and checkered patterns, small temple motifs on weaving derived from temple-like lotus, peacock, parrot etc! Nowadays, some of the best Kanchi cotton sarees weaved are keeping in mind the current generation trend. 


Yarns are starched using rice starch to give a good fall and easy weaving. They are handwoven using hand spun superior cotton. The weave is brought to life by korvai, a knotting and interlocking technique that seamlessly blends the body and the pallu, which are woven separately. The border of the saree and its pallu are woven separately, interlocking in the end before the final look. This is done without missing its actual look, originality and authenticity of a Kanchi cotton saree. 


Best Kanchi cotton sarees found in various shades include the regular pattu saree colours that usually define the colourful saga of Tamil Nadu. The sarees that initially began with earthy tones have slowly made a shift towards brighter shades today. Many of these sarees bear the original shades of colours keeping in line with their silk counterparts. The style of these sarees too has evolved to match the likes of the current generation. Today, Kanchi cotton sarees are more than simplistic garments; instead, they are fashionable and designer like sarees created to match the present era's interests. 

Global Appeal 

The look and feel of a Kanchi cotton saree have been doing the round of likes of women worldwide. The handlooms of Kanchipuram are doing great globally, with the demands of these sarees reaching new heights. The fabric too is making its way towards the world of dress materials. This exquisite fabric, with its power, brilliance and comfort, is swooning ladies worldwide. 


Kanchi cotton sarees are the brilliant hand-woven fabric that originated from Tamil Nadu's city only to reach global grounds. These fabrics have indeed swept the world off their feet. Every part of this woven fabric gives out exquisitely beautiful cotton wear. The Kanchi cotton sarees are undoubtedly the most fashionable wear in the state of Tamil Nadu. When are you stepping out to buy one?


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